Our past projects

We provided machine learning capabilities to help with biometric and biographic matching of travelers in the middle east and Asia. This was to allow interested parties to quickly asses if a particular traveler was likely to warrant further checks on entry to the country.

We implemented a real time data analytics system for a currency trading desk based in paris. This allowed traders to quickly gain insights from decades of historical currently trading data allowing them to easier make decisions and trades.

We consulted on and implemented large volume classifiers for several of our customers, our most recent task was to provide a machine learning solution that was capable of sorting and classifying over three quarters of a billion emails to flag any that would require further attention by an investigator and ones that would be quickly discarded as irrelevant.

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What we do

We are a machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science consultancy drawing on 15+ years of experience in the sector. We offer bespoke solutions and consultancy in the areas of Machine Learning / AI and Big Data (i.e big in volume, variety or velocity).

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Client Testimonials

"Tentacle helped us sort and classify over three quarters of a billion emails, an insurmountable task without there help."

"We outsourced our big data devops to Tentacle when we outgrew our inhouse team and couldn't resource it. they are quick to respond and the serivce is flawless."

"We first came across Tentacle when we where trying to explain some anomalous data fom our online advertising. They came across somthing we would never have known and cut our marketing spend by 18%."

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