September 13, 2017 / by Dan / news / TAGS: AI, ML

New chip could increase learning speed for machines

IBM researchers, Tayfun Gokmen and Yurii Vlasov, unveiled a paper in which they invented the concept for a new chip called a Resistive Processing Unit (RPU) that can accelerate Deep Neural Networks training by up to 30,000x compared to conventional CPUs. A Deep Neural Network (DNN) is an artificial neural network with multiple hidden layers that can be trained in an unsupervised or supervise...

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August 07, 2017 / by Dan / news / TAGS: ML

Big banks will be the first to fall to AI

“Chess champion Garry Kasparov was beaten at his game by a chess-playing AI,”

“But he does not think that AI is a bad thing.” From Kasparov’s interview with the BBC: “We have to start recognizing the inevitability of machines taking over more and more tasks that we used to do in the past. It’s called progress. Machines replaced farm animals and all forms of manual labor, and now mach...

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