May 11, 2017 / by Dan / news / TAGS: AI, banking, ML, regtech

Customers trust AI for surgery not savings

Andy Maguire faces a challenge: tasked with upgrading HSBC Holdings Plc’s digital-banking systems, he has discovered that customers are twice as likely to trust a robot for heart surgery than for picking a savings account.

“I do find it slightly odd,” said the chief operating officer of Europe’s largest bank, referring to its survey of more than 12,000 consumers in 11 countries publi...

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May 02, 2017 / by Dan / news / TAGS: AI, banking, ML, traffic

Experian make practical use of machine learning

Credit reference agency Experian hold around 3.6 petabytes of data from people all over the world. This makes them an authority for banks and other financial institutions who want to know whether we represent a good investment, when we come to them asking for money.

Like all financial services, they are being rapidly changed by waves of technological innovation sweeping through indus...

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