March 28, 2017 / by Dan / news / TAGS: AI, banking, ML, traffic

AI Beats worlds worst traffic

The height of individual vs. collective irrationality has to be automobile traffic. We build roadways around the assumption that we as individual human actors will behave in ways that appear to reward those behaviors at the level of individuals but wind up harming the collective’s goal of moving many cars through a limited amount of space as quickly as possible. Witness how a single greedy m...

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March 12, 2017 / by Dan / news / TAGS: AI, banking, ML

Big banks will be the first to fall to AI

Wall Street will be one of the first and largest industries to be automated by artificial intelligence, predicts Kai-Fu Lee, China’s most famous venture capitalist and former Microsoft and Google executive. Lenders, money managers, and analysts—any jobs that involve crunching numbers to estimate a return—are at risk.

“Banks have the curse of the baggage they have, like Kodak letting ...

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